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Dating Your Mirror: ENFP and INFJ Relationships

Dating Your Mirror: ENFP and INFJ Relationships

As soon as upon a time, we told my sister, “I don’t think I’d ever date an ENFP.” Despite the fact that I’d seen many people explaining ENFP-INFJ as a “perfect” pairing it simply did sound that is n’t a good fit for me personally. We enjoyed having ENFP buddies, nevertheless the people We knew had been either so intense they made me feel anxious, or so extroverted they wore me personally away, or too spread in a closer relationship (or all of the above) for me to think I wouldn’t eventually get irritated with them.

Then a years that are few causeing this to be declaration, we began really getting to learn certainly one of my ENFP acquaintances. And dating that is now we’redoesn’t that appear to be simply the type of coincidence that could take place in a romance tale?). He comes with an personality that is intense I’ve done enough work overcoming my social anxiety that doesn’t frighten me more (actually, it is instead exciting). He’s the essential extroverted individual I know but I’ve discovered it is no hassle for people. And he’s not scattered or flaky (which, ferzu review as it happens, is yet another of these unfair/too commonly used stereotypes bouncing around Myers-Briggs sectors).

Now, i possibly could invest the following 1,000+ terms letting you know how wonderful my boyfriend is but that is most likely not that which you clicked with this post for (if it had been I’m afraid you’re going become disappointed). Alternatively, we’re planning to speak about why ENFPs and INFJs have actually a reputation in Myers-Briggs sectors for getting along so well.

Mirroring Mental Functions

It is perhaps not readily obvious from simply studying the letters, but ENFP and INFJ types have actually minds that work in extremely comparable methods. Although the kinds just share two letters, whenever you breakdown the event stacks you see they’re perfect mirror-images of each and every other.

ENFPs and INFJs both lead with Intuition as his or her dominant and learning function that is best-developed. They both have experiencing given that co-pilot procedure they utilized in order to make choices. Thinking is their tertiary function, which is less well toned but nonetheless available. And Sensing is the substandard function, which they will have bad usage of and which regularly turns up under anxiety. However they utilize various types of each function.


Extroverted instinct is very much indeed about checking out the exterior globe and placing the pieces together. On the other hand, introverted intuition procedures observations internally. Both functions worry about finding habits and arriving at a deeper understanding, but Ne experiments while Ni ruminates. Plus they talk to each other in a way that naturally “clicks” with how the other kind structures the entire world. Intuitives only make-up about 30percent for the populace and dominant letter kinds (ENFP, ENTP, INFJ, and INTJ) are a level smaller portion, therefore finding you to definitely connect to in in this manner is uncommon and exciting.


And INFJ’s feeling side is targeted outward — they make choices based mainly how it will probably impact other individuals with a concentrate on keeping harmony. An ENFP’s feeling is introverted — they check to see if a determination lines up with a focus to their core values on being authentic. Here is the co-pilot procedure for both kinds, this means it is the process that is mental is second-most developed and that it is required for individual development. FP kinds generally speaking have actually their emotions that are own out while FJ types are far more in-tune along with other people’s emotions. They are able to balance one another down very well while additionally assisting one another grow.


Just what role the function that is tertiary is up for debate. Some train it does not really develop until you’re in your 30s, while some state we are able to “skip” developing our co-pilot and end up getting a fairly strong tertiary part (partly as it’s extroverted/introverted similar means as our dominant procedure, therefore it seems more content). Therefore though it’s not quite as readily available to ENFPs and INFJs as N or F, their T edges can arrive a great deal with regards to the person that is individual. With regards to does, it is turned inward for INFJs (with a focus on finding and utilizing accurate information) and outward for ENFPs (with a focus on reaching efficient, rational solutions). Place the 2 types together plus they become a surprisingly efficient duo that is problem-solvingthough they’ll also be inventive, off-the-wall, and unconventional).


The Sensing side for both kinds is badly developed. We are able to work with getting more more comfortable with our substandard functions, but we’ll never ever utilize them as efficiently as the people higher regarding the function stack. Plus, they’re also exactly what has a tendency to turn out when we’re under anxiety. A stressed INFJ’s inferior Se has a tendency to look at exterior globe as threatening and might overindulge in sensory things like consuming and watching television. An ENFP’s substandard Si, on one other hand, tends more toward withdrawal and stress. Both types also can show behavior that is obsessive preoccupation with real feelings (in comparison with principal Sensing kinds, who will be very more comfortable with sensory information). Having similar functions that are inferior cause battles for INFJs and ENFPs (age.g. they may both discover that maintaining monitoring of practical thing like cash is a challenge), but at least you’re perhaps not coping with a person who discovers one of the favorite means of viewing the planet stressful.

What Exactly Performs This Really Seem Like?

We can talk function stack theory all we wish, nonetheless it only provides a glimpse of just what interactions between ENFPs and INFJs can really resemble. I can share a few examples/insights with you while I can’t speak for every ENFP-INFJ relationship (since even people who share a personality type can be very different due to background, culture, etc.

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